KONAMI WAR Photoshoot – by Ace A.M.P. Photography

BREAKING NEWS – Reports indicate that a host of Konami characters have just broken free from Konami HQ! It seems there is no love lost between these characters; worryingly, a war appears to have broken out among them, with each keen to prove their superior strength over their rivals.

lukeburnsKonami, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hil, SuikodenJuly 3, 20150 comments
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PES 2016 20th Anniversary Edition – Amazon Exclusive

If you’re a big fan of the PES series and are eager to get your hands on the upcoming PES 2016 (and why wouldn’t you be, considering how amazing it looks), we have something perfect for you!

lukeburnsPro Evolution SoccerJune 24, 20150 comments
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Suikoden III – Coming to PSN!

Suikoden III is heading to PSN! This marks the first time the RPG has been made available in Europe, and is consequently poised to offer many excited fans the opportunity to delve into a world they have never before explored!

lukeburnsOtherJune 23, 20151 comment
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John Nunes’s MGS #KonamiFanArt

May we introduce you to John Nunes from Brazil. John makes some great Metal Gear Solid artwork in quite a diverse range of styles, many of which involve bold colours that we feel would look rocking as posters on our walls. Needless to say, when we saw his work on deviantART we were keen to show it all off on the blog!

lukeburnsMetal Gear SolidJune 17, 20151 comment
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PES 2016 Announced – Full Details!

Pro Evolution Soccer fans, it’s time to get excited; the PES 2016 release date has been confirmed as September 18th! PES 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the PES series, with the title’s new tagline of “Love The Past, Play The Future” offering a knowing nod to this milestone, whilst simultaneously highlighting that PES 2016 is very much looking to the future – to deliver the best, most realistic football gaming experience to date!

lukeburnsPro Evolution SoccerJune 12, 20151 comment
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UEFA Champions League License Renewal for PES

The UEFA Champions League will remain a PES-exclusive thanks to a new three-year deal with UEFA. This means that fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer series will continue to enjoy the tournament’s famous official iconography in PES 2016, as they lead their chosen club team through the UEFA Champions League in a bid to be European champions!

lukeburnsPro Evolution SoccerJune 11, 20150 comments
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PES 2015 World Champion Crowned

After an excess of 14,000,000 matches played between over 530,000 players, all eyes were fixed firmly on Berlin this past Saturday as the culmination of the competitive PES 2015 season took place in the German Capital. The event saw 25 qualifying players from around the globe compete with French representative Rachid Tabane lifting the trophy after ending the tournament unbeaten.

tobyleeGames, Pro Evolution SoccerJune 9, 20150 comments

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PS4_MGSV_Limited Edition PEGI 2D_small

MGSVTPP PS4 Bundle Announced!

Who wants a shiny, MGSVTPP-branded PlayStation 4? If you’re a MGS fan, the answer is YOU, obviously! We’ve teamed up with Sony to release an amazing bundle featuring a The Phantom Pain-branded 500GB HDD PlayStation 4 console and dualshock wireless controller, plus a MGSVTPP digital theme and the Day 1 Edition of the game itself!

lukeburnsMetal Gear SolidJune 9, 201513 comments
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PES Club Manager – Out Now!

Get your Android and iOS devices out, Pro Evo fans, and prepare for a brand new compelling and tactical mobile PES game! PES Club Manager gives players the opportunity to test their football managerial skills, by obtaining new players from the transfer market and implementing strategies during matches in an effort to lead their team to the top.

lukeburnsPro Evolution SoccerJune 5, 20150 comments
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LoD_FINAL_1080p (Large)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist – Set for Summer Release

If you love Yu-Gi-Oh!, it’s time to get excited as a brand new game – Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist – is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the very first time!

lukeburnsYu-Gi-Oh!June 5, 20152 comments
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Not played Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes yet? Well if you’re a PlayStation 4 owner with a PS PLUS subscription, you have zero excuses not to download this on PSN right now, as it is absolutely free.

lukeburnsMetal Gear SolidJune 4, 20151 comment
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The PES 2015 World Finals

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 World Finals are taking place THIS SATURDAY in Berlin! The top players from across the globe will gather to play some tense games of PES 2015, all to determine the identity of the world’s best player. Representing the United Kingdom is Ambidextrous, aka Dex, who won the UK Finals twice back-to-back and reached third place in the 2014 World Finals. No pressure Dex… but we’re expecting great things!

lukeburnsPro Evolution SoccerJune 1, 20151 comment
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Triumph Unveil MGSVTPP “VTB:1″ Bike

If you made it to MCM London on 22nd-24th May, you will have been lucky enough to witness the unveiling of this amazing new MGSVTPP-inspired Triumph bike. The Triumph Bonneville T100 features in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - released September 1st – and we love the way it stylistically reflects its rider Big Boss, even down to the way the red left grip echoes our hero’s bionic red arm.

lukeburnsMetal Gear SolidMay 29, 20150 comments
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Happy 30th Birthday Gradius!

Fans of Konami’s classic titles will be pleased to know (if they didn’t already) that today is the 1985 Konami hit Gradius’ 30th Birthday!

bridiebunnyGradius, Konami, OtherMay 29, 20153 comments
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Lap Pun Cheung’s MGS #KonamiFanArt

The distinctive style of Lap Pun Cheung’s Metal Gear Solid speed painting art instantly caught our eye. The pictures capture the atmosphere of the game’s world perfectly; you can almost feel the cold of Shadow Moses Island, and the tension in the air as Snake stealthily explores the heavily-guarded nuclear weapons facility.

lukeburnsMetal Gear SolidMay 28, 20150 comments
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Remocholy’s Suikoden Fanart

Our well-loved Suikoden series has inspired a lot of wonderful fan art over the years and we’ve seen a wealth of truly inspiring art from all over the globe thanks to the fandom. Konami fans always seem to be so creative and it is our pleasure to bring you the work of an exceptionally talented artist known as Remocholy.

bridiebunnyKonami, Other, SuikodenMay 26, 20154 comments
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Ashley Carter’s #KonamiFanArt

We love all kinds of fanart but sometimes, in an age where digital art is predominant, it’s nice to see traditional art work online. Step forward Ashely Carter, who’s drawings exemplify this approach at its best… especially considering the subject matter is Metal Gear Solid!

lukeburnsMetal Gear Rising, Metal Gear SolidMay 19, 20150 comments
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