Metal Gear RAY model – to be released at 3A

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima recently released new pictures on his twitter of a Metal Gear RAY toy, to be released via 3A. Mechs don’t come much more kick-ass than this RAY model; its shiny turquoise exterior and striking Dragon-esque pose, plus its sinister blue-glowing eyes, almost makes us cry from wanting one so bad.

The model is pretty ginormous too. OK, it isn’t exactly as big as the actual Metal Gear RAY, but you can see from the below pictures with Metal Gear lead designer Yoji Shinkawa that it’s going to take some pretty substantial shelf-space to display!

If you fancy owning this two-legged piece of awesomeness, you can pre-order Metal Gear RAY now on the Bambaland Store by clicking here… you’d better make sure that you have enough pennies in the bank first though, as it costs quite a few!

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  1. Alfredo Viayra - Reply

    why did they put the outer haven version and not the NAVY one it’s the original and much better!! it doesn’t seems to have all of the opening for the missiles like REX :/

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